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Форум Украины » Хобби и увлечения » Музыка/поиск mp3 » avenged sevenfold - Radient Eclipse (Текст) (Скачать бесплатно текст. Скачать слова песни (Mp3).)
avenged sevenfold - Radient Eclipse (Текст)
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Исполнитель: avenged sevenfold
Название песни: Radient Eclipse
Альбом: Waking The Fallen
Two nights ago I was shot
A bullet sunk straight through my skull
A friend pulled the trigger that silenced me
No pain as I awoke, but dead
Seeing the face of the man
The time as he lays down his gun
I knew this was going to take place
White silence, so peaceful, so numb

No one knows the time they're changing
No one will see through:

You're all gone to me, (gone to me)
I've been pulled out to watch from my eternal sleep
Intuition and a warning to believe (I will believe)
Something was wrong and though I felt I had to stay
Moving on seemed to be somber bliss
Without one goodbye
I watch my Mother shed tears
(and taste the blood she cries
and taste the blood she cries)

No:This gun has stopped time in its tracks
Has altered the course of my fate
Destiny is shattered and timeless
Closed eyes feel the cold winds embrace

I'll watch you call, calling for me,
you can't bring back time...
Close your eyes or look away,
fate exposed and won't let me stay
Hope will fall tonight with broken wings,
descending entity in me

My voice has been taken from me.
The more I listen, the more I have to say

9. I Won't See You Tonight Pt.1
Cry alone, I've gone away
No more nights, no more pain
I've gone alone, took all my strength
But I've made the change,
I won't see you tonight

Sorrow, sank deep inside my blood
all the ones around me,
I cared for and (loved) most of all I loved
but I can't see myself that way
please don't forget me or cry while I'm away

It all built up, inside of me
A place so dark, so cold, I had to set me free
Don't mourn for me, you're not the one to place the blame
As bottles called my name, I won't see you tonight

So far away, I'm gone. Please don't follow me tonight.
And while I'm gone, everything will be alright.

No more breath inside
Essence left my heart tonight.

Форум Украины » Хобби и увлечения » Музыка/поиск mp3 » avenged sevenfold - Radient Eclipse (Текст) (Скачать бесплатно текст. Скачать слова песни (Mp3).)
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